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Early Bird Special

Copping a $10 ticket means that you're basically going to spend your Independence Day Weekend poisoning your liver on a budget. THESE ARE VERY LIMITED, so once they're gone they're gone.

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General Online Ticket

Or, you're smart enough to realize that buying a ticket online will save you more time and money. Purchasing a General Online Ticket is cheaper - and faster - than trying to cop one at the door.

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#DopeHouseLA Cup Special

Buying one of these tickets will also include a special gift: a free, branded #DopeHouseLA cup. These are larger than the general cups given throughout the party; needless to say you'll be getting more booze for your buck. Note: One cup per ticket. Once a cup is purchased, you're required to hold on to the cup for the entire #DopeHouseLA to continue getting the larger refills.

Special Add-ons